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A WSO2 Streaming Integrator solution to DEBS2015 (New York Taxi) challange
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Distributed Systems Final Project

Build Status

NOTE: Query 2 ran for a limited number of events, this the result is not complete. Query1 ran completely for all the 2 Million events.

Getup and Running


Run Project

1- Go to bin folder of WSO2 SI Tooling and run the launcher.

cd "C:\WSO2\Streaming Integrator Tooling\1.0.0\bin"

Now you should be able to see the WSO2 SI Tooling Editor at

2- From menu select File > New and create two queries for query one and two, and name them DebsQuery1.siddhi and DebsQuery2.siddhi with contents from "src\GrandChallange\SiddhiApps".

3- Run the siddhi script for the query you want to test using the WSO2 dashboard.

4- Run both "Grandchallange" client and "Grandchallange.EventWebService".

In Visual Studio: You can use "Multiple Startup Projects" from Solution > Properties > Startup Project.

-- or --

In Command line: Run dotnet run for both projects.

cd "src\GrandChallange.EventWebService"
dotnet run

cd "src\GrandChallange"
dotnet run

5- Use client app guides to start project. Results are stored for Query1 and Query2 in files named "Query1_res.txt" and "Query2_res.txt" respectively.

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