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momo1986 commented Mar 26, 2020

Hello, dear Mediapipe guys.

I want to inference the hand pose with Mediapipe model and my own model.

I have my own tf-lite models, it can work on the RGB bitmap.

I try to query the RGB bitmap from input frame with data packet.

My code is

private static final String INPUT_VIDEO_STREAM_NAME = "input_video";
processor.addPacketCallback(INPUT_VIDEO_STREAM_NAME, (packet)->{

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  • Updated Oct 17, 2020
  • Java
big-andy-coates commented Oct 2, 2020

Describe the bug

It's possible to create a stream or table with no value columns using a CREATE TABLE or CREATE STREAM statement. No error is returned.

However, if you try and use the stream or table in a downstream CREATE TABLE AS or CREATE STREAM AS statement you get a error message.

i.e. the table/stream created with no columns isn't useful.

To Reproduce

nisanharamati commented Jul 24, 2018

It can be very difficult to piece together a reasonably estimate of a history of events from the current workers logs because none of them have timestamps.

So for that end, I think we should add timestamps to the logs.

This has some cons:

  1. We can't just use @printf like we have been until now. We need to either include a timestamp in every @printf call (laborious and error prone) or c

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