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FEVER2.0 builder API

The FEVER2.0 shared task requires builders to submit Docker images (via dockerhub) as part of the competition to allow for adversarial evaluation. Images will host a web server using this package.


pip install fever-api


See the fever2-sample repo


The submission must run a flask web server. In our application, the entrypoint is a function called my_sample_fever in the module sample_application (see The my_sample_fever function is a factory that returns a fever_web_api object.

from fever.api.web_server import fever_web_api

def my_sample_fever():
    # Set up and initialize model
    # A prediction function that is called by the API
    def baseline_predict(instances):
        predictions = []
        for instance in instances:
            predictions.append(...prediction for instance...)
        return predictions

    return fever_web_api(baseline_predict)

Your dockerfile can then use the flask run method as the entrypoint, setting any valid factory as the FLASK_APP

ENV FLASK_APP sample_application:my_sample_fever
ENTRYPOINT ["flask","run"]

Web Server

The web server is managed by the fever-api package. No setup or modification is required by participants. We use the default flask port of 5000 and host a single endpoint on /predict. We recommend using a client such as Postman to test your application.

POST /predict HTTP/1.1
Host: localhost:5000
Content-Type: application/json

	    {"id":0,"claim":"this is a test claim"}, 
	    {"id":1,"claim":"this is another test claim"}, 


In our sample submission, we present a simple method baseline_predict method.

   def baseline_predict(instances):
        predictions = []
        for instance in instances:
            ...prediction for instance...
                                "predicted_evidence": [(Paris,0),(Paris,5)]})
        return predictions


  • instances - a list of dictionaries containing a claim


  • A list of dictionaries containing predicted_label (string in SUPPORTS/REFUTES/NOT ENOUGH INFO) and predicted_evidence (list of (page_name,line_number) pairs as defined in fever-scorer.
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