The Repo

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jBinary provides special Repo for popular file formats and corresponding demos.

Using standard typesets is easy - just make require-like call to jBinary.Repo async loader method.

You can call it with one typeset name:

jBinary.Repo('bmp', function (BMP) {
  var binary = new jBinary(data, BMP);
  // whatever you want with `binary` or simply...
  var data = binary.readAll();
  // ...get entire file as parsed object in `data`

Or with list of names:

jBinary.Repo(['tar', 'gzip'], function (TAR, GZIP) {
  // your code goes here ;)

Or using AMD require method:

require(['jbinary.repo!tar', 'jbinary.repo!gzip'], function (TAR, GZIP) {
  // you can put just the same code as in sample above

All the typesets that are already loaded, are stored inside jBinary.Repo itself with upper-case names of typesets used as keys (like jBinary.Repo.BMP).

If you know some popular format structure and can write own typeset, you're welcome to contribute!