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Emacs Tiny Tools - Collection of plug-in Emacs Lisp modules

Emacs Tiny Tools is a collection of packages (extensions)
and libraries designed to be OS and X/Emacs platform
independent. They include tools to configure load-path
automatically, jump to URLs, easy text delete, mail
completion, and many more utilities (50+).

    bin/	Project administration utilities and helper scripts
    doc/ 	Documentation
    lisp/ 	Emacs add-on modules i.e. extensions ("The Code")

Important files

    doc/html/install/           Install and general project information
    doc/license/LICENSE.txt 	Licensing information
    lisp/ChangeLog		Project change records

Project contacts


    Reporting bugs
      See freecode page

    Source code repository
      See freecode page


    The project is being split into individual files that will
    be distributed as Epackages (single Git repositories).

    You can clone repositories with Git ot use Epackage manager to
    download utilities. See

    - Overview:
    - epackage.el:

    Transition completed for:

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