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Guess Where?

An interactive geo quiz game app. This repository hosts the uncompiled and compiled code on gh-pages branch. The games is inspired from a geo quiz by Telegraph that used a collection of static images. Visit the website and test your geo skills at

Contribute / Get involved

Fork the repository to contribute, get involved or make your own version out of it. You will need your own Google API Browser Key for it though.

Development Workflow requires Node, Sass, Bower and Grunt pre-installed. Use following steps to setup a development environment:

$ bower install && npm install
$ grunt

All development files are located in /app directory.

Use following to build the website:

$ grunt build

The website will be setup in root directory with following structure:

-- index.html --/assets

Bugs reporting

Report any bugs in issue tracker. It is suggested to search the existing issues first so to not duplicate it.


MIT License - Jabran Rafique | @jabranr