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Silex Service Provider for Tiny
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Silex Tiny Service Provider

A simple Silex Service Provider for Tiny by Zack Kitzmiller.


Install via composer

$ composer require jackdaw/silex-tiny:dev-master

This will install the package and all the dependencies.

Before using Tiny, you need to create a random set. You can easily do this using the command line tools included in Tiny.

$ ./vendor/zackkitzmiller/tiny/bin/genset 

Generating TinyPHP Random Set...
Set Generated
Set: SJYaqGhd6mAe3NbWOB2KwfRtHslMFQkyXCu1gUI4cET97jZPp8nD5iVv0Loxzr 

Now you have random set of characters for Tiny. Time to register the service provider for Silex.

use Jackdaw\SilexTiny\TinyServiceProvider;
// Create the Silex Application $app

$app->register(new TinyServiceProvider(), array(
    'tiny.options' => array('set' => 'SJYaqGhd6mAe3NbWOB2KwfRtHslMFQkyXCu1gUI4cET97jZPp8nD5iVv0Loxzr')

Passing the random set to the service provider is mandatory.


You can use the service like this

echo $app['tiny']->to(5);
// E

echo $app['tiny']->from('E');
// 5

echo $app['tiny']->to(126);
// XX

echo $app['tiny']->from('XX');
// 126

echo $app['tiny']->to(999);
// vk

echo $app['tiny']->from('vk');
// 999

Tiny Trait

This package comes with an optional trait for using Tiny.

// In Application
use \Jackdaw\SilexTiny\TinyTrait;

Now you can simply use Tiny like this

echo $app->to(5);
// E

echo $app->from('E');
// 5

Twig Filter

A custom Twig filter is also included in the package. It's just a one way transformation, at least at the moment. This is useful for transforming ids in the view layer of your application.

// In twig template
{{ 5 | tiny }} // E
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