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AlgoBOWL is a group project for algorithms courses. Students compete to create heuristics to an NP-hard problem. For more information, see the paper in ITiCSE 2019.

This is the AlgoBOWL web application, as well as associated tools (e.g., command line interface).

Getting Started

The rest of this README assumes you're interested in hacking on the AlgoBOWL code, and want to install the web app locally. For other topics of interest, check out the docs/ directory.

You'll need a system running Linux and Python 3.8+.

Create and activate a virtual environment to install in:

$ python3 -m venv venv
$ . venv/bin/activate

Next, install the app in editable mode::

$ pip install -e ".[dev]"

Next, copy the sample development config and setup the application::

$ cp development.ini.sample development.ini
$ gearbox setup-app

Finally, you can serve the app::

$ gearbox serve --reload --debug

Have fun!