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THIS DOESN'T WORK anymore with newer Catalyst drivers (since 15.7)


VFW encoder for AMD VCE h264 encoder. Usable with Virtualdub, Dxtory etc.

Extra settings are saved to registry under HKCU\Software\OpenEncodeVFW

As OpenEncode has been deprecated by AMD for a long time already, it appears the support has been finally dropped from Catalyst 15.7

You may need to install MSVC++ 2013 runtimes. Last MSVC++2010 commit.

NOTE: You need to install x86 version for 32bit codec even if your Windows is 64 bit.

NOTE: VCE on cards/APUs prior to Tonga only go up to 1080p and solid 1080p60 recording can not be guaranteed (yet) unfortunately.

Compatible hardware

AMD's GCN based cards and APUs. From AMD's blog:

VCE Version Product Family Distinguishing Features
VCE 1.0 Radeon HD 7900 series/Radeon R9 280X dGPU First release: AVC – I,P and DEM
Radeon HD 7800 series dGPU
Radeon R9 270X/270 dGPU
Radeon HD 7700 series/Radeon R7 250X dGPU
A10 – 58XX (and other variations) APU
A10 – 68XX APU
VCE 2.0 Radeon R9 390x/390/290x/290 dGPU SVC (temporal) + B-pictures + DEM improvements
Radeon R7 260X/260 dGPU
A10 – 7850K APU
A4-5350, A4-3850, or E1-2650 APU
A4-1200/A6-1450 APU
VCE 3.0 Radeon R9 Fury/285 dGPU 4K


  • Unpack the archive somewhere, right click on install.bat and click Run as Administrator.

If it complains about missing files, try the more manual version:

  • Unpack the archive somewhere, open command prompt as administrator by typing cmd to start menu or "Metro" and press SHIFT+CTRL+Enter or right click on the icon and click Run as Administrator.
  • Go to unpacked folder by typing into opened command prompt cd some\where\OpenEncodeVFW-bin.
  • Type install.bat and press enter to run the installer.


If uninstaller fails its job, manually remove these registry keys:

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\drivers.desc\OPENENCODEVFW.DLL
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32\VIDC.H264
HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\drivers.desc\OPENENCODEVFW.DLL
HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32\VIDC.H264

and OPENENCODEVFW.DLL in %WINDIR%\syswow64 or %WINDIR%\system32

Recommended usage

  • 32 bit input format
  • width/height multiples of 2

Some setting descriptions

  • Fixed QP basically keeps picture quality constant across all frames.
  • CBR keeps constant bitrate so picture quality gets worse if there is frequently fast motion in video and bitrate is too low or wastes harddrive space if frame could have been compressed more. Seems to fluctuate too much though.
  • VBR uses variable bitrate, tries to keep in target bitrate but rises bitrate a little bit if needed or lowers if frame can be compressed more.
  • CABAC is more efficient and resource intensive encoding option.
  • Search range is motion vector range. Specifies how wide the codec looks for moved pixels so it can just say that these pixels moved to x,y and just save that. Higher (max 36?) is better and more resource intensive encoding option.
  • Profiles / levels: start from . Colorspace is limited to Y'UV420.

Probably not very accurate descriptions :P


  • Send FPS sets encoder framerate properties to video framerate, but not all framerates are supported by encoder. Untick to treat all videos as having 30 fps, but this may make encoding inefficient and increase bitrate more than necessary.
  • Speedy Math tries to speed up OpenCL floating point math by making it less accurate, but should be good enough.
  • Switch byte order : for the rare case when input bitmap is RGB(A) instead of BGR(A).
  • Header insertion : adds SPS/PPS to every frame, may make cutting/splitting video easier. More of a 'debug' feature.

Quickset buttons for speed vs quality:

  • Speed : encodes 1080p at 60+ fps (theoretical max 80+)
  • Balanced : encodes 1080p at 40+ fps
  • Quality : encodes 1080p at 30+ fps (can probably do 720p@60)

With newer AMD cards (hawaii+), seem to support B-frames, though VCE may not actually generate B-frames with OpenVideo, and AVI kinda sucks with these (see). You may need to remux to MKV/MP4 for better audio/video sync. (Also maybe ffmpeg -fflags +genpts)


No longer a VFW (video for windows) frontend for AMD VCE H264 encoder



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