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This is a fork of Ned Batchelder (@nedbat)'s wonderful poxx tool for stubbing out translations in .po files.

The original can be found here: http://nedbatchelder.com/blog/201012/faked_translations_poxxpy.html

Why Fork

  1. I wanted to add something to allow for CSS'd upper-case text to be clearly marked as translated
  2. I wanted an easy pip-able url for multiple virtualenvs.

How is it different than the original?

  • Flags have been added for working with data that needs to be partially stubbed out. See flags for more information
  • A bit of code lifted from http://translate.sourceforge.net now "translates" msgids into a unicode-character equivilient. This preserves case and allows for CSS-controled casing to be clearly marked as translated.


poxx.py <po_filename>

Where po_filename is one or many .po files with translations you wish to stub out.


-c <canonical_po_file>, --canonaical=<canonical_po_file>

Specify a .po file to use as a canonical source of translations. If specified, poxx will look to see if a msgid is in the canonical_po file before stubbing it out. If it is, the corresponding msgstr will be used instead of the stub string.

--diff, -d

Must be used with canonical_flag.

Create a diff file containing all msgids found in the specified po file, but not in the canonical_po_file.

--blank, -b

Where a msgstr would be stubbed, mark as untranslated instead.