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阿里云OSS laravel storage Filesystem adapter, 打造Laravel最好的OSS Storage扩展.
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Aliyun-oss-storage for Laravel 5+

Aliyun oss filesystem storage adapter for laravel 5. You can use Aliyun OSS just like laravel Storage as usual.
借鉴了一些优秀的代码,综合各方,同时做了更多优化,将会添加更多完善的接口和插件,打造Laravel最好的OSS Storage扩展

Inspired By


  • Laravel 5+
  • cURL extension

##Installation In order to install AliOSS-storage, just add

"jacobcyl/ali-oss-storage": "^2.1"

to your composer.json. Then run composer install or composer update.
Or you can simply run below command to install:

"composer require jacobcyl/ali-oss-storage:^2.1"

Then in your config/app.php add this line to providers array:



Add the following in app/filesystems.php:

    'oss' => [
            'driver'        => 'oss',
            'access_id'     => '<Your Aliyun OSS AccessKeyId>',
            'access_key'    => '<Your Aliyun OSS AccessKeySecret>',
            'bucket'        => '<OSS bucket name>',
            'endpoint'      => '<the endpoint of OSS, E.g: | custom domain,>', // OSS 外网节点或自定义外部域名
            //'endpoint_internal' => '<internal endpoint [OSS内网节点] 如>', // v2.0.4 新增配置属性,如果为空,则默认使用 endpoint 配置(由于内网上传有点小问题未解决,请大家暂时不要使用内网节点上传,正在与阿里技术沟通中)
            'cdnDomain'     => '<CDN domain, cdn域名>', // 如果isCName为true, getUrl会判断cdnDomain是否设定来决定返回的url,如果cdnDomain未设置,则使用endpoint来生成url,否则使用cdn
            'ssl'           => <true|false> // true to use 'https://' and false to use 'http://'. default is false,
            'isCName'       => <true|false> // 是否使用自定义域名,true: 则Storage.url()会使用自定义的cdn或域名生成文件url, false: 则使用外部节点生成url
            'debug'         => <true|false>

Then set the default driver in app/filesystems.php:

'default' => 'oss',

Ok, well! You are finish to configure. Just feel free to use Aliyun OSS like Storage!


See Larave doc for Storage Or you can learn here:

First you must use Storage facade

use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Storage;

Then You can use all APIs of laravel Storage

Storage::disk('oss'); // if default filesystems driver is oss, you can skip this step

//fetch all files of specified bucket(see upond configuration)

Storage::put('path/to/file/file.jpg', $contents); //first parameter is the target file path, second paramter is file content
Storage::putFile('path/to/file/file.jpg', 'local/path/to/local_file.jpg'); // upload file from local path

Storage::get('path/to/file/file.jpg'); // get the file object by path
Storage::exists('path/to/file/file.jpg'); // determine if a given file exists on the storage(OSS)
Storage::size('path/to/file/file.jpg'); // get the file size (Byte)
Storage::lastModified('path/to/file/file.jpg'); // get date of last modification

Storage::directories($directory); // Get all of the directories within a given directory
Storage::allDirectories($directory); // Get all (recursive) of the directories within a given directory

Storage::copy('old/file1.jpg', 'new/file1.jpg');
Storage::move('old/file1.jpg', 'new/file1.jpg');
Storage::rename('path/to/file1.jpg', 'path/to/file2.jpg');

Storage::prepend('file.log', 'Prepended Text'); // Prepend to a file.
Storage::append('file.log', 'Appended Text'); // Append to a file.

Storage::delete(['file1.jpg', 'file2.jpg']);

Storage::makeDirectory($directory); // Create a directory.
Storage::deleteDirectory($directory); // Recursively delete a directory.It will delete all files within a given directory, SO Use with caution please.

// upgrade logs
// new plugin for v2.0 version
Storage::putRemoteFile('target/path/to/file/jacob.jpg', ''); //upload remote file to storage by remote url
// new function for v2.0.1 version
Storage::url('path/to/img.jpg') // get the file url


More development detail see Aliyun OSS DOC


Source code is release under MIT license. Read LICENSE file for more information.

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