NodeJS library for W3C-DOM XML api with XPath and namespaces. It is based on LibXML2
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This is a W3C-DOM XML Library for NodeJS with XPath and namespaces. It is implemented using the C based LibXML2 and the O3 component system. This is the only W3C-DOM standards based XML api for NodeJS we are aware of so your code should work in both the browser and nodejs. This project is used in production in many NodeJS based backend projects for and updated frequently.

To use this library simply clone the repo, and require('node-o3-xml') to return the parser object. This repository is a generated build for node 0.2.2 stable, from the o3 repository (

Binaries included for:

  • win32 (through cygwin)

  • lin32

  • osx64

Other platforms and bit-ness (32/64) will be added to the automated build VM incrementally. If you need to build this node-o3-xml module yourself or want to contribute to the source, please look at the main o3 repository.

If you are looking for the accompanying binary builds of NodeJS check out the ( repository