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The Iris repository (formerly Spotmop) has moved here.

Spotmop has been renamed to Iris. The Spotmop repository is no longer in development. Issues raised in the Spotmop repository will not be actioned; please only raise issues in Iris.

Mopidy web-based frontend that utilizes Spotify to create an interactive, user-friendly and collaborative music interface. Built and maintained by James Barnsley.

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  • Mopidy
  • Mopidy-Spotify
  • Spotify Premium account
  • Mopidy-Local-Sqlite (recommended, not required)


  1. Install using pip: sudo pip install Mopidy-Spotmop
  2. Restart Mopidy server
  3. Navigate to Mopidy interface (ie http://localhost:6680/spotmop)


  • Full web-based interface controls for Mopidy
  • Uses Spotify API to deliver high-quality audio and music information
  • Improved support for local libraries using SQLite extension
  • Browse and manage your playlists, along with top tracks, new releases and genre browser
  • Spotmop can be run completely independently of your Mopidy machine (ie on a remote server), just set your URL in the settings tab
  • Push notifications between users (requires port 6681, but this can be customised to suit your environment)



Play queue

Featured playlists


Single playlist

Dragging tracks


  • Increase stability of Mopidy server (perhaps limitation of Rpi?)
  • Improve websockets integration to attach users to tracks and changes within tracklist