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Transfer Build Status

Encrypted file transfer utility

Also see the command line client, transfer-cli


  • Backend:
    • Install rust
    • Install postgres: apt install postgresql libpq-dev
    • Install migrant (migration manager):
      • cargo install migrant --features postgresql
    • Initialize database (postgres):
      • migrant init
      • migrant setup
      • migrant apply --all
    • Build and run backend dev server:
      • cargo run -- serve --port 3002
      • Configuration can be tweaked in config.ron
    • Poke around in the database: migrant shell
  • Frontend (inside /web):
    • Install npm
    • Install yarn
    • Build a run frontend dev server
      • yarn install
      • yarn start
      • Open http://localhost:3000
      • Api requests are proxied to the backend: localhost:3002

Release Builds

Packaged releases are built and packaged by travis-ci. Complete packaged releases are available here

  • Backend (Rust setup for cross-compilation)
    • Install docker
      • Add yourself to the docker group: sudo usermod -a -G docker <user>
      • Restart to pick up changes (logging in & out may suffice)
      • You should be able to run docker version without any errors
      • May need to start the Docker daemon if it's not already running: sudo systemctl start docker (not sure about windows/os-x)
    • Install cross: cargo install cross
    • Build server executables for targets listed in script (currently only x86_64):
      • server
  • Frontend (React)
    • Build frontend app bundles and copy to their static-file locations
      • web

Deployment / Running Packaged Releases

postgres & nginx are required

  • Initial Setup
    • Create and enter a project directory where versioned packages can be managed:
      mkdir transfer
      cd transfer
    • Download, unpackage, and do initial setup for the latest release (see releases)
      # download
      curl -LO$TAG/transfer-$TAG-$TARGET.tar.gz
      # extract
      tar -xf transfer-$TAG-$TARGET.tar.gz
      # rename
      mv transfer $TAG
      # setup "latest" symlink
      ln -sfn $TAG latest
    • Setup an uploads directory where transfer uploads can exist between application code updates. Make sure your config.ron file is updated and copied to the config directory.
      mkdir transfer_uploads
      vim latest/config.ron  # update "upload_directory" to "/<ABS_PATH_TO>/transfer/transfer_uploads"
      # and copy to the config directory
      cp latest/config.ron `latest/bin/transfer admin config-dir`
    • Setup the database
      latest/bin/transfer admin database setup
      # Run suggested commands to create database if it doesn't exist
      # and then try settinng up migrations again
      latest/bin/transfer admin database setup
    • Apply migrations
      latest/bin/transfer admin database migrate
    • Poke around the database
      latest/bin/transfer admin database shell
    • Setup nginx
      # copy sample config and then update its details with your environment info
      sudo cp nginx.conf.sample /etc/nginx/sites-available/transfer
      # check config
      sudo nginx -t
      # enable site
      sudo ln -s /etc/nginx/sites-available/transfer /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/transfer
      sudo systemctl restart nginx
    • Setup systemd service
      # copy sample config and then update its details with your environment info
      sudo cp transfer.service.sample /lib/systemd/system/transfer.service
      # enable the service
      sudo systemctl daemon-reload
      sudo systemctl enable transfer.service
      # start!
      sudo systemctl restart transfer
      # tail the log
      sudo journalctl -fu transfer
  • Updates
    • Assuming you followed the "Initial Setup" section
    • Use the script to fetch, unpackage, and symlink the latest release
      # from the `transfer` project root
      # follow prompts to download the appropriate target and replace the `latest` symlink
      latest/ fetch
    • Apply migrations and restart the app
      latest/bin/transfer admin database migrate
      sudo systemctl restart transfer