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1. Install Java JDK 1.8

2️. Download JMusicBot

  • Download the latest JMusicBot-X.Y.Z.jar (and optionally, example config.txt file) from the releases page (or, get the URL from the releases page and then use wget or similar command-line tool to download).
  • Your folder should look like this (on desktop):

Note: Do not put this in the Downloads or Desktop. Use a folder within Documents

3. Edit the config file

  • Fill in the config file (if you downloaded it). If you didn't download it, you will be prompted when you run for the first time. An example config.txt is provided below (See Getting a Bot Token and Finding Your User ID if you need help with the config).
token = MJHJkljflksdjfCoolTokenDudeILikeItkasdk
owner = 113156185389092864
prefix = "!"

Note: You can also copy & paste a template from the Example Config

4. Run JMusicBot

  • Double-click the jar file, or run java -Dnogui=true -jar JMusicBot-X.Y.Z.jar from the command line. (replace X, Y, and Z with the release numbers)
  • Provide the requested information, if prompted.
  • Wait for the "Finished Loading" message.

5. Add your bot to your server

  • When the bot starts, if it hasn't been added to any servers yet, it will provide you with a link in the console.
  • Alternatively, follow these instructions (with images): Adding Your Bot To Your Server
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