🎵 A Discord music bot that's easy to set up and run yourself
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A Discord music bot with a clean interface, and that is easy to set up and run yourself



  • Easy to run (just make sure Java is installed, and run!)
  • Fast loading of songs
  • No external keys needed (besides a Discord Bot token)
  • Smooth playback
  • Server-specific setup for the "DJ" role that can moderate the music
  • Clean and beautiful menus
  • Channel-topic playback bar
  • Supports many sites, including Youtube, Soundcloud, and more
  • Supports many online radio/streams
  • Supports local files
  • Playlist support (both web/youtube, and local)


Please see the Setup Page in the wiki to run this bot yourself!

Questions/Suggestions/Bug Reports

Please read the Suggested/Planned Features List before suggesting a feature. If you'd like to suggest changes to how the bot functions, recommend more customization options, or report bugs, feel free to either open an Issue on this repository, or join my Discord server. (Note: I will not accept any feature requests that will require additional API keys, nor any non-music features). If you like this bot, be sure to add a star to the libraries that make this possible: JDA and lavaplayer




This bot (and the source code here) is not meant to be edited. The main purpose of having the source public is to show the capabilities of the libraries, and to allow others to understand how the bot works. There are many requirements and dependencies required to edit and compile it, and there will not be support provided for people looking to make changes on their own. Instead, consider making a feature request (see the above section). If you still choose to make edits, please do so in accordance with the Apache 2.0 License.