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Jahshaka Virtual Reality Content Creation Studio
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Jahshaka brings you the future of immersive digital content creation with the leading free and open source digital content creation suite.


  • View scenes in virtual reality via the Oculus Rift
  • Build and share your scenes with the world
  • Particle System
  • Animation Editor
  • Skeletal Animation
  • Realtime Dynamic Shadows
  • Powerful Extensible Material System
  • Asset Manager
  • Supports 4k displays
  • Custom Shaders and more…
  • Embedded Monero Miner
  • Physics


Particle System

Skeletal Animation

Shader format

Bullet Physics

Monero Miner

Building From Source


  • Git
  • Cmake (latest version recommended)
  • Qt versions 5.7 to 5.9 are recommended (other versions might work but aren't tested, versions that will break are 5.8 and 5.9.4)
  • A C++ compiler with support for C++11 or later (choose a compiler for your OS when installing the Qt SDK. G++, MSVC and clang are all supported). If building on Windows, choose the default mingw compiler MinGW 5.3.0 32 bit as well as msvc2017 64-bit so you can build with Visual Studio as well which is what we recommend.
  • Qt Creator (also comes with the Qt SDK, latest version recommended) AND OR Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition

Build steps

Stable (usually months old releases are available by default), for up to date code (might include bugs), checkout the dev branch instead of master

  • Clone the repo from the project page or download a zipped copy of the source for a specific version from the Releases tab
  • Fetch the submodules by opening a command window inside the project and using git submodule update --init --recursive

If you will be cloning the repo you can do both steps in one command by using git clone --recurse-submodules -j8 git:// See

Again, if you want to build the latest code, you might want to do a git checkout dev at this point.

If using Qt Creator (on any platform)

  • Make sure Cmake has been installed and properly added to your path.
  • Open the CMakeLists.txt file (it will run and configure the default build target).
  • Build the application.

If using MSVC (recommended for x64 builds)

  • There are several ways to go about this, the easiest is to use the cmake-gui tool.
  • Point to the folder where you have the source and a folder where you want to build by using the Browse Source and Browse Build buttons respectively.
  • Add Qt to cmake's prefix path by pressing Add Entry, for name enter CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH, type should be set to PATH and the value should point to where you installed Qt and the msvc tools for example C:\Qt\5.9.2\msvc2017_64.
  • Press Configure and for the generator select Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64 and then Finish.
  • Now press Generate and finally you can use the Open Project button to launch visual studio with the solution opened.
  • Finally, you might want to change the build target from the default ALL_BUILD to Jahshaka in the Solution Explorer.
  • Build the application.

If you encounter any issues building, please open an issue.


Royalty-free images from Pixabay. Various icons sourced from flaticon, iconfinder under and the noun project. Specific corresponding READMEs and licenses in their respective folders for free/open source assets used.

Copyright (c) 2016 Jahshaka LLC <>

This is free software: you may copy, redistribute
and/or modify it under the terms of the GPLv3 License

For more information see the LICENSE file
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