JAI ImageIO Core (without javax.media.jai dependencies)
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jai-imageio-core (standalone)

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NOTE: This is a community fork of the original java.net project jai-imageio-core (which is no longer available upstream).

This project adds read/write support for the following file types to Java's ImageIO:

  • wbmp
  • bmp
  • pcx
  • pnm
  • raw
  • tiff
  • gif (write)

Note that most of these formats are now supported by Java 9.

The classes of this projects are not generally used directly, but through the SPI plugin mechanism of ImageIO. See the ImageIO guide for details.

The implementations provided by this project use the package name com.github.jaiimageio, note that other implementations might be provided by your Java installation or other dependencies.

This project is called 'standalone' as unlike the original jai-imageio-core it has removed dependencies to jai-core packages (javax.media.jai) and JPEG 2000 (jj2000). This version also does not include the C implementations from libJIIO, meaning that this version is platform independent and fully redistributable under the 3-clause BSD license in LICENSE.txt (and thus is Apache and GPL compatible).

JPEG 2000 support is available as an additional module jai-imageio-jpeg2000 as it has a different (non-GPL compatible) license.

If you are not concerned about GPL compatibility or source code availability, you may want to check out https://github.com/geosolutions-it/imageio-ext/ which is actively maintained and extends the original imageio with many useful features, but depends on the binary distribution of jai_core.


You are encouraged to raise a Github Pull Request with any suggested improvements.

You can also raise an issue - your stacktrace might still be of use to someone else.

jai-imageio GitHub committers and contributors include (in no particular order):


This project requires Java 6 or newer. To build this project, use Apache Maven 3.0.5 or newer and run:

mvn clean install

To use jai-imageio-core from a Maven project, add:


To find the latest released <version> above, see jai-imageio-core at BinTray

jai-imageio-core is mirrored to Maven Central.

Alternatively (e.g. right after a new release), you can use this explicit bintray repository:

    <name>jai-imageio at bintray</name>

The Maven repository include additional artifact types such as javadoc and sources which should be picked up by your IDE's Maven integration.


To download the binary JAR, see the Downloads at BinTray or the GitHub releases


Standalone Javadoc for jai-imageio-core is also provided.

Copyright and licenses

  • Copyright © 2005 Sun Microsystems
  • Copyright © 2010-2014 University of Manchester
  • Copyright © 2015-2018 jai-imageio contributors

The source code for the jai-imageio-core project is copyrighted code that is licensed to individuals or companies who download or otherwise access the code.

The complete copyright notice for this project is in COPYRIGHT.txt

The source code license for this project is BSD 3-clause with an additional nuclear disclaimer, see LICENSE.txt.


  • 1.4.0 - Community bug fix release
    • Build requires Maven 3, Java 6
    • Java 9 fixes (issues #24, #26)
    • Avoid empty string from ImageIO.getReaderMIMETypes (issue #27)
    • Maven version range bug (issues #23, #25)
    • TIFFImageMetadata.java support legacy com.sun attributes (issues #19, #20)
    • TIFF parsing gave ClassCastException in isIFDPointer (issue #43)
    • LSB-encoded TIFF images (issues #37, #39)
    • PackageUtil: Fix NPE (issue #34)
    • Fix for a buffer overflow problem in TIFF CCITT T.6 compressor (issue #22)
  • 1.3.1 - Available as OSGi bundle (issue #13). Fixed memory leak in TIFFImageWriter (issue #14).
  • 1.3.0 - Java package changed to com.github.jaiimageio (issue #10). MANIFEST.MF metadata corrected.
  • 1.2.1 - Version 1.2.1 released. Pushing to Maven Central and BinTray. Workaround for OpenJDK8 libjpeg bug (issue #6). groupId changed from net.java.dev.jai-imageio to com.github.jai-imageio. Fix for PNM ASCII write (issue #7).
  • 1.2-pre-dr-b04-2014-09-13 - Removed last jpeg2000 plugin. Javadoc now includes overview.
  • 1.2-pre-dr-b04-2014-09-12 - Separated out JPEG 2000 support from jai-imageio-core for licensing reasons. Re-enabled junit test (issue #5).
  • 1.2-pre-dr-b04-2013-04-23 - Updated README and pom, newer maven plugins, removed broken links to dev.java.net. Javadocs included and published at http://jai-imageio.github.com/jai-imageio-core/
  • 1.2-pre-dr-b04-2011-07-04 - Avoid Maven many build warnings. Fixed character set.
  • 1.2-pre-dr-b04-2010-04-30 - Initial Maven version, based on CVS checkout from dev.java.net, but with Maven pom.xml and only code covered by open source license.

More info

These links are no longer available as java.net has shut down: