python wrapper of fast C++ LLE code
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Under Construction!!

This package is still under construction... Many of the available C++ routines have not yet been wrapped for python, but the basic ones have.


LLE is a set of python bindings to a C++ package written by Jake Vanderplas


The required dependencies to build the software are python >= 2.5, setuptools, NumPy >= 1.2, SciPy >= 0.7 and a working C++ compiler.

Also requires the FORTRAN libraries BLAS, LAPACK, and ARPACK. These can be downloaded at:

if python+numpy is installed on your system, you may already have a working BLAS and LAPACK installation.


This packages uses distutils, which is the default way of installing python modules. To install in your home directory, use:

python install --home

To install for all users on Unix/Linux:

python build
sudo python install