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OpenCoMo - Columbia Open Data Hackathon!
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Open CoMo Website

This is the Open CoMo website! Feel free to send pull requests - add a new data set, fix a typo, fix the design a bit?

Modifying the site

If you are not familiar with git or jekyll, see the next section for how to modify the site directly here on github.

If you are familiar with git and jekyll, you know the drill:

git clone
cd opencomo-site
jekyll serve -w

Modifying the site online

If you're not familiar with GitHub, git or jekyll, no worries! You can edit the website right here on github.

Step one - log in

Get a GitHub account, Sign up for github if you don't already have one, and then come back here.

Step two - make changes

The main content of the website is stored as MarkDown files in the _posts directory. MarkDown is a text format that gets converted to HTML, it's easier to write and read than regular HTML.

Lets say you want to edit some text on the 'what' part of the website, you can open it up directly on github. Go to the file and click the pen icon in the right corner of the file.

Now just make any changes you like, and make sure they look ok by checking the preview tab at the top part of the edit window.

Step three - propose changes

Once you are happy with your changes, use the form at the bottom to breifly describe what you're changing, like:

"Fix typo on 'what' page"

"Changes all spellings of 'visualization' to the proper queens english version, 'visualisation'."

Hit propose and you're done! Someone will have a look at your changes and merge them in.

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