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Describing Data Patterns

This git repository contains the source code of my PhD thesis Describing Data Patterns, submitted January 2013 at Humboldt University Berlin. The latest version of the repository including errata can be found at

The pattern language of data structuring (chapter 5) is contained in another git repository that is included as git submodule from

Feedback is highly appreciated, for instance public via


I suggest the following bibliographic metadata, also available at BibSonomy:

    author  = {Voß, Jakob},
    title   = {Describing Data Patterns. A general deconstruction of metadata standards},
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Document versions and variants

Multiple versions and variants of the thesis exists with different paper format and minor changes. Each version should be buildable by checking out a tagged revision from the git repository:

Using this repository

To get the content of this repository, clone it including its submodules:

git clone --recursive

The thesis is mainly written in LaTeX (with parts of chapter 5 written in Pandoc Markdown). To build the document as PDF one requires at least LaTeX, Pandoc, Perl, BibLaTeX with biber, Perl, GraphViz, and dot2tex.

Given the required packages, one should be able to create a PDF with:

make patterns
# ... manually adjust image size by adding "scale=0.4"
make new


The content of this repository is licensed under CC-BY-SA: feel free to copy, distribute, modify, merge, request changes etc, as long as the result is also licensed under CC-BY-SA and attribution is explicitly given to Jakob Voß.


Source code of my PhD thesis "Describing data patterns" and its website






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