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What is Smash Forge?

Smash Forge is a program started by Jam1Garner with help from Ploaj, Sammi, Struz, SMG, Rubendal, Smb123w64gb, and others for working with Smash 4 filetypes. It includes Model importing, animation importing, and working with everything from character movesets to level data.

How do I run Smash Forge?

Download the from the releases tab on the GitHub page. Extract the zip folder and run the exe file. The program runs from within the folder, so no installer is necessary. Be sure to not download the source code, which requires Visual Studio to build the solution file. You may need to whitelist Smash Forge with your antivirus software in order for the application/updater to work properly.

Minimum System Requirements

OpenGL/GLSL Version: 3.30 or higher.

Smash Forge will still run on older hardware but with some features disabled. See Rendering Issues for details.

How do I install updates?

Smash Forge will give you the choice to update every time a commit is pushed to the GitHub repository. If an update is available to download, a green download icon will appear in the top right of Forge. Clicking on it will give a description of the changes and allow you to update or not. Redownloading the will also ensure you are on the latest version. Please ensure you are on the latest version before posting bugs or other issues. If Forge won't open after updating, you may have to redownload Forge from the releases page on Github.

What information is contained in the wiki?

The Smash Forge wiki will contain basic explanations and usage information for most of the features of Smash Forge. Some sections may contain links to additional tutorials.

How can I contribute to the wiki?

Suggestions and contributions to the wiki are welcome. Anything from general information to tutorials is acceptable as long as it is constructive and adds to the value of the wiki for people. Newer features may not have documentation added to the wiki yet. If you make significant contributions, you may also receive credit. The wiki is currently pretty sparse, so please feel free to suggest changes or contribute to the wiki directly.

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