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Cassandra top command to monitor cluster without Datastax OpsCenter, and log nodetool administrative commands
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The Cassandra top command, cass_top, is a friendly UI for monitoring clusters, similar to the top command, and shows menus to build and run nodetool commands.


cass_top is a wrapper around the Cassandra nodetool command that:

  • colorizes the nodes by status and updates every few seconds
  • has interactive option keys for all nodetool commands and options, documented on the help screen
  • organizes nodetool commands by groups (cluster-wide, node-specific, reporting-only and updating)
  • populates menus of nodes, keyspaces and column families
  • builds the nodetool command and displays it for confirmation before running
  • logs nodetool command start and end time, userid, stdout, stderr and the exit code.

Technical Details

  • bash only (no dependencies except nodetool), tested on linux and Mac OS X
  • no additional firewall holes needed beyond what nodetool requires
  • minimal output to show multiple Cassandra rings on the same monitor.

usage: cass_top [connection_host=localhost] [keyspace=all] [one-character option=none]

For Contributors

To run the provided tests with Cassandra nodetool:

  • HOST= make test

To run the provided tests with mock nodetool (useful for testing without a network, on your notebook or for porting):

  • MOCK=1 HOST= make test

To run cass_top under the bashdb debugger:

  • install bashdb and add it to your PATH
  • do 'ps' to see your shell's pty number (NN) then:
  • echo "source /dev/pts/NN" > ~/.bashdbinit
  • MOCK=1 HOST= bashdb cass_top then type 'c' ENTER. There are scripted breakpoints to get you started debugging.

cass_top screenshot cass_top_help screenshot

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