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Perl runs on over 100 platforms ranging from portables to mainframes. It can be used for almost all facets of programming, from rapid prototyping and large-scale development projects.

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wbraswell commented Jan 7, 2015

When I invoke root/admin/filemanager/ I should be able to click on each file (either image or non-image) and have something happen. According to the code, CKEditor should be launched with some unknown action, which doesn't work.

<a href="#" onclick=" [% c.request.param('CKEditorFuncNum') %], '/static/[% path.join( '/' ) %]/[% file.filen

waterkip commented Apr 19, 2019

Hi, I wasn't really happy with str_add because it leaves much of the
powerfull api that the git command line util has (or the git-api itself,
pick any :)).

the git config manual/help states:

--bool, --int, --bool-or-int, --path, --expiry-date
Historical options for selecting a type specifier. Prefer
instead --type (see above).

I want thinking about using changing/replacing

zijistark commented May 31, 2019

@TheDovakhiin97 reports [again]:

idk how often i have to report this bug but here it is again: the port of the province 3847 c_korcula is inside the province 3873 c_vrbas. This is defintely the case without any submods

Not sure what the numbers/IDs he's referencing are [EDIT: turns out they were just some sort of ID that the debug_mode tooltip showed], but the point is that the port

Created by Larry Wall

Released December 18, 1987


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