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Node.js Bootcamp

Welcome to the node.js bootcamp! This half day session will aim to immerse you into node.js and help you get a grasp on the platform, the tools, and the different modules available to help get you started developing.


  1. *nix based system or cygwin (
  2. Common build tools
    • g++
    • make
    • python
    • libssl-dev (for crypto)
  3. An editor (preferrably a good one, like textmate, emacs, or vim)
  4. git (optional)
  5. An open mind :)

Getting Started

To get started either clone this repository or download a zip file of it from [insert later]. There are folders representing each lesson of the tutorial. Start with lesson 1 and follow along, then try out the exercises. Each lesson also has a "finished" folder that has the completed exercises in it.

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