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Contrib project for psake extensions
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Welcome to the psake-contrib project.

psake-contrib is a repository for scripts, modules and functions that are useful for running a build with psake.

How to get started:

Step 1: Download the project zip file

Step 2: CD into the directory where you downloaded the zip

You will need to "unblock" the zip file before extracting - PowerShell by default does not run files downloaded from the internet. Just right-click the zip and click on "properties" and click on the "unblock" button.

Step 3: Extract the files in the zip

Step 4: Use the scripts and modules in your build

The following is an excellent technet article on how to "dot source" a script

Type "help about_modules" in PowerShell for help on how to import, load and use modules

How To Contribute, Collaborate, Communicate

If you'd like to contribute to psake or psake-contrib, we have discussion groups over at google: psake-dev psake-users

Anyone can fork the main repository and submit patches, as well. And lastly, the wiki and issues list are also open for additions, edits, and discussion.

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