Email contact form using the Serverless framework on AWS Lambda
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Serverless Email Contact Form

Send contact form emails using Serverless with AWS Lambda and AWS SES


You will need:

  • An AWS account
  • An IAM account with privileges to send emails using SES
  • An email address that's been verified in SES. This is the email you'll be sending your emails to
  • The AWS CLI installed on your local machine, configured to your IAM credentials
  • serverless installed on your local machine


  1. Clone this repository to your local machine, and change to that directory
  2. Change the values in handler.js in the ses.sendEmail() function, set the ToAddresses and Source to the email you've verified in SES. You can have multiple ToAddresses, as long as they're all verified in SES
  3. You can test the function locally by running serverless invoke local --function sendForm --path event.json. This will run the function using the data in event.json
  4. Run serverless deploy to upload to AWS Lambda
  5. You can test the function through Lambda by running serverless invoke --function sendForm --path event.json. This will run the function using the data in event.json
  6. A very basic contact form is included in the repository, index.html, replace API_GATEWAY_URL with the gateway URL that serverless displays in the console after you've deployed it. You can use this to test that the form works from a webpage. Uncomment the redirectUrl field if you want to redirect to another URL after a successful form submission.
  7. You should be able to see the results of each form submission in AWS CloudWatch > Log Groups > /aws/lambda/contact-form-prod-sendForm (when you're in the AWS Console, make sure you're in the same region that you set in serverless.yml, otherwise the logs may not show up in CloudWatch)