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Highwind is a lightweight, free WordPress theme designed to showcase content. It features a clean, responsive design with a strong focus on typography, plus a bunch of presentational options and widgetised regions allowing you to give your site a unique touch. View Documentation.



Developer Friendly

Loads of hooks and filters to extend and customise Highwind via plugin and/or child theme.

Footer Widgets

In addition to your sidebar you can add widgets the three defined regions in the footer. These will be arranged in columns according to which regions you use.


Highwind has been fully optimised for small screen display. Your content will look beautiful whether it's viewed on a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone.

Theme Hook Alliance

Highwind fully supports the Theme Hook Alliance.

Theme Options

Just enough options to make your site unique. There are options to change colors, layout and header / background images.


All aspects of typography are set up in accordance to a Modular Scale ensuring consistent typographical hierarchy.


Ever evolving documentation available in the wiki.

WooCommerce Integration

Use Highwind to create an online store using WooCommerce.


Theme options

To customise Highwind log in to your dashboard and navigate to Appearance > Themes and click 'Customize'. From the front-end you can access theme customization from the admin bar.

  • Site Title & Tagline - Change your site title & tagline.
  • Colors - Change theme colors such as background, text, link etc
  • Layout - Position the sidebar on the left or the right
  • Header Image - Change the header image
  • Background Image - Change the background image
  • Navigation - Specify which menu to use in the menu location
  • Static Front Page - Optionally specify a static front page

Further customisation

If you want to customise Highwind beyond the included options, I strongly recommend that you do so via a child theme.


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