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How you can contribute to Open Access Vis

Please create an issue to:

  • Add missing data
  • Fix incorrect data
  • Add thumbnails (a missing thumbnail or a better version of an existing one)

Important: Do not retrieve any information from IEEE (especially abstracts and thumbnails). Everything should come from other sources.

Adding a workshop:

All you have to do is add the data to the workshop spreadsheet. Email me for more info.


  • URLs on an open access repository are prioritized for longevity.
  • White-listed open access repositories are in the OADomains variable in js/load.js. Let me know if others should be added.
  • For URLs outside of an open access repository, it must be on the site of an author or their institution.
  • The paper must be viewable directly in a browser without any required download.

Explanation page:

The explanation page is for sites that contain more than the basic information. It's not simply a "landing page", and it includes a simpler description of the project and/or a demo. Good examples:


  • The image should be 400 x 300 pixels.
  • Try to find a figure that is explanatory rather than just eye candy.
  • The filename is the first non-article word in the title + "_" + first name of first author + ".png" (all lower case).
    For example, "A Nifty Vis System" by Jane Smith and John Smith would become nifty_jane.png

For now, thumbnails are not in the repository. Feel free to paste new ones into a github issue or email them to me.


  • Prioritize explanatory videos rather than teasers or eye candy.
  • Videos on Youtube, Vimeo, or hosted as an MP4 should all work.
  • Youtube spreadsheet format: [youtube VIDEO_ID]. For example youtube Xj-AEmUwsvQ
  • Vimeo spreadsheet format: [vimeo VIDEO_ID]. For example vimeo 223373844
  • Video file spreadsheet format: [video VIDEO_URL]. For example
    If the video file is hosted on a personal domain (not github), ask for permission before using.


A collection of open access material presented at the Eurovis 2018 conference



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