A Gradle plugin for R packages with support for roxygen2 documentation
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This is a gradle plugin for building and installing R packages. It also supports roxygen2, which is run prior to building the package.

This plugin is available on maven with group: com.jfolson, artifact: gradle-plugin-r, version: 0.1, or it can be built and installed with gradle 1.2 or greater:

gradle build install

The name of the package is assumed to be the name of the gradle project with the package source found in the 'src' directory, but both can configured with the rpackage.packageName and rpackage.packageDir, respectively. For example:

buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath 'com.jfolson:gradle-plugin-r:0.1-SNAPSHOT'

apply plugin: 'rpackage'

rpackage {
  srcDir = 'pkg'
  buildDir = 'build/pkg'
  name = 'MyPackage'

To see an example, check out rQuery.

The following R tasks are available: DESCRIPTION, roxygenize, buildRPackage, checkRPackage, and installRPackage. These do not need to be called directly though, as the following dependencies are setup:

  • install -> installRPackage -> build -> buildRPackage -> compile -> roxygenize -> DESCRIPTION
  • test -> checkRPackage -> build