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Azure Function in TypeScript

Demo of a Microsoft Azure Function written in TypeScript.

I am writing an article series Azure Function in TypeScript documenting the creation of this repo.


LTS version of Node.js

Azure Functions require a long term support (LTS) version of Node.js - that's a version where the major version number is even. Node 10 currently the newest LTS version.

brew install node@10
brew link node@10 --force --overwrite


Yarn is a better npm. I am especially a fan of the really fast installs on a system that is up to date, because this allows you to always run yarn install before building, making sure that you are using the correct versions of the Node modules.

brew install yarn

Accounts at GitHub and Azure

A GitHub account. You can create one for free at

An Azure account. You can create one for free at

Building and Running the Code

yarn start

Start a local Azure Functions host. This command also installs Node modules, cleans the distribution folder and builds the code. This will make HTTP endpoints available at http://localhost:7071/api/....

yarn test and yarn test-e2e

Run the tests. The TypeScript code is compiled on the fly when running the tests, so it is not necessary to build the code first. There a two types of tests: Local tests and end-to-end tests. The end-to-end tests verifies that the endpoints on Azure works, so they require that the code has been published to Azure.

yarn build

Build the solution. This compiles the TypeScript files in the src folder into the JavaScript in the dist folder, and copies all .json files from src to dist. The distribution folder is deleted before building to make sure that renamed files are removed.

yarn lint

Lint the code. If you're using VSCode and have the recommended extension installed, errors will be underlined with green squiggly lines.

Continuous Deployment

Continuous deployment is done with GitHub Actions, and configured in validate-and-publish.yml.

The run scripts test-save-results and test-e2e-save-results run the same tests as their counterparts without the -save-results postfix, but stores the result in a test-results folder so that the GitHub Action can display a summary.

Casting to any in Tests

The mock library Substitute has a known issue in that it doesn't work in strict null checking mode. In order to avoid the compiler error the mocked interfaces are cast to any when calling the returns method. This makes the code when working with mocked interfaces a bit ugly, but I think this is a better solution than turning off strickNullChecks.