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A multiplayer node.js game using F-f-f-flap your wings! Deployed at:

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By Jane Wang @janeylwang

Live on Nodejitsu

A multiplayer game with many flying Icaruses. Survive as long as you can against other players in a particle universe. Universe physics may change without warning. Try to beat your opponents by keep your spirit high. This game is partly inspired by Mozilla BrowserQuest and various large multiplayer games.

Setup Installation:

  1. $ git clone and $ npm install to resolve dependencies

  2. If you are the host, run $ node app.js and go to http://localhost:3000/

  3. Other players join the game at http://[host ip]:3000/

  4. Play!

Major Dependencies Include:

  • Express
  • Backbone
  • Underscore
  • and others.

icarus_screenshot png

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