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Meteor Apollo Accounts Example

Example app implementing Meteor Apollo Accounts.
Blog posts: Authenticate Meteor accounts with the Apollo GraphQL API, Reactive subscriptions with Apollo and React



  • Real-time subscriptions implementation (not Meteor)
  • Authenticate users with Meteor accounts
  • Social login with Facebook and Google
  • Restrict access on the grapqhl API
  • Use existing Apollo schema
  • Redirect user on client
  • Update user profile
  • Register new users
  • Email verification
  • Password change
  • Password reset



  • Password change component
  • Social login with Facebook and Google
  • Add email Verification message to App
  • Do a lot of stuff
  • CRUD view for posts
  • Reactity for posts insert, delete and update
  • Update pubsup with callback
  • Redirect on route when user not logged in
  • Create user with profile directly
  • Only send subscriptions if user is logged in
  • Run Websocket server on the same port


Apollo Example GitHunt server

Apollo Example GitHunt React client

GraphQL Subscriptions in Apollo Client

A proposal for GraphQL subscriptions

GraphQL Subscriptions in Apollo Client