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Fun with Sensors

This is the code from my talk at 2014 in Singapore. The slides you can find here. It's a set of four demo's that you can run on multiple devices and use to demo fun things to do with sensors. The demo's are:

  • Hide and seek, clients can work together to find a WiFi access point
  • Theremin, use multiple devices to control oscillator on a server that generates music by leveraging device light sensors
  • Orientation, uses orientation data to control a 3D model on a server that mimics behavior of the device in real life
  • Juggling visualizer, plots z-axis accelerometer data from multiple devices into a graph

For all this to work you need:

  • Host machine
  • One or more devices running Firefox OS or Firefox for Android (hide & seek is Firefox OS only)
  • A WiFi network where all of them are connected to. 3G would work too, but you don't want a large delay.

I'm lazy, don't want to set up anything

I have hosted a server at The clients are at

F.e. to do the juggling thing, open http://janjongboom:8321/devicemotion in Firefox on your computer. Then open: in Firefox on your devices.

Setting up host machine

  1. Get node.js
  2. Go into the /server folder and run node server.js
  3. To open one of the demo's run:
  4. Note the IP address that you are connected to on the WiFi network

Setting up clients

  1. In the /client folder do a search-and-replace. Find and replace it with your own IP.
  2. On Firefox OS, use WebIDE or App Manager to install the apps on your phone
  3. On Android you need a web server or something on your host machine, and then go to that URL in Firefox for Android.
  4. Now open the app related to the demo:
    • Hide and seek: wifi-stumbler
    • Theremin: deviceorientation
    • Orientation: deviceorientation
    • Juggling: devicemotion


If you have any queries or requests for speaking after seeing this stuff, find my contact info at

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