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package App::Ack::Plugin;
The premise is that each file is a repository of zero or more
resources. Each resource contains zero or more lines of text, which
ack will process.
For the basic text file that ack handles now, it's simple: Each
text file is a repository that has one resource. The repository
and resource are the same.
You can look at and and see how I'm calling
it. It's really simple, and there's a lot of overhead.
Maybe now's the time for me to work on Plugin.pod. :-)
Say you have code that will let you search through DLL files.
=head2 App/Ack/Plugin/
package App::Ack::Plugin::DLL;
package App::Ack::Resource::DLL;
our @ISA = qw( App::Ack::Resource );
package App::Ack::Repository::DLL;
our @ISA = qw( App::Ack::Repository );