This repository is for ack 1.x, which is **no longer being maintained**. DO NOT SUBMIT ISSUES HERE. ack 2.0 has a new GitHub project at
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etc renamed Sep 18, 2011
.gitignore Added the --bar option Apr 26, 2012 cleaning up critic Oct 18, 2008
Changes Added the --bar option Apr 26, 2012
MANIFEST remove tar files from MANIFEST Apr 1, 2012
Makefile.PL removed the top_targets hackery Feb 26, 2012 Merging down to trunk Aug 26, 2008
ack Added the --bar option Apr 26, 2012
ack-base Added the --bar option Apr 26, 2012
ack-help-dirs.txt Released ack 1.96 Sep 18, 2011
ack-help-types.txt added .psgi Dec 15, 2011
ack-help.txt Released ack 1.96 Sep 18, 2011
ack-names.markdown kel? Sep 24, 2010
capture-stderr localizing the untainting of $stderr and $program Sep 7, 2009
perlcriticrc Allow /s Feb 26, 2012
perltidyrc playing with tidy rules Jun 18, 2008
squash Fix GitHub URLs: http => https Nov 19, 2011
tags ready to release 1.94 Nov 16, 2010


This repository is effectively dead.

ack 1.x is no longer being maintained. The new ack 2.0 series is at Please do not submit issues here. The issues here in this repo are for historical purposes only.