Phratch is based on Scratch with more features
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Phratch is based on Scratch with more features.

Phratch is a Scratch ( port on Pharo2.0 and Pharo3.0. It is a programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and software in general.

Phratch is the evolution of the Scat project ( which provided a port of Scratch on Pharo 1.3. Thanks to the developers of Scat, Phratch has strongly evolved to become a really cool tool.

What really change:

  • change Menu
  • Settings
  • FileSystems
  • Metacello
  • integration of BYOB (allows to build your own blocks)
  • Integration of Panther (Category Color and Files)
  • A lot of new useful blocks

To ask question or discuss with developers, you can use the following mailing-list: phratch/@\ Go to!forum/phratch to subscribe to the mailing-list.

Phratch won the 3rd place of the ESUG "Innovation Technology Awards" at Annecy 2013.