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Examples for the various tools on Streamtoolbox.com that help seamless integration between Wowza Streaming Engine® and your own video streaming system.

  • Wrench: this tools provides flexible authentication, authorization mechanisms for both your stream consumers and producers. Also provides pay-per-minute and pay-per-view solutions and much more.
  • Measure: log player counts per stream, per streaming technology and per Wowza application using your own predefined SQL queries into your database
  • Clamp: add captions to your live streams on-the-fly from a text file. This can be used for service information, advertisements, etc.

Examples for Wrench

  1. Simple authentication with PHP frontend and MySQL database (01-simple-authentication)

This example shows how to create a minimal video site which uses a MySQL database for storing users. Once the user gets in, a token is dynamically generated for him and stored in the database. This token is then put into video links so that Wrench can authenticate the user. All connections without a valid token are refused.

Setup instructions

Easiest if you watch this YouTube video and follow the instruction.

Video Cover image

  1. Download the full example package from GitHub
  2. Install an Apache/MySQL stack, like XAMPP
  3. Copy the contents of www into your webserver's htdocs folder
  4. Log into the MySQL database and run sql/setup.sql script to create the database, user, tables and minimal data
  5. Copy the contents of the wowza directory into your own Wowza Streaming Engine installation to define the streaming application
  6. Download the latest version of Wrench and put the jar file under your Wowza's lib directory
  7. Download the latest MySql JDBC connector and put the jar file under your Wowza's lib directory
  8. Start your Wowza Streaming Engine
  9. Publish your live stream, e.g webcam from Flash Media Live Encoder into your Wowza server. Details on this can be found in this article. The FMS url you need to use is rtmp://localhost:1935/wrenchexample1?t=encodersecret (this is given as encoder token in the provided Application.xml) and stream name should be mystream.

PHP Login Screen Protected Video Site

Examples for Clamp

  1. Dynamic text caption on a live stream from text file

This example demonstrates how to put arbitrary text messages on your live video stream from a text file. Just follow this YouTube video:

Video Cover image