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揚炮 yangpao v0.1.1 n101

Circle CI

version number bumper for semver

inspired by bmp


  • bumps version numbers in your project files in keeping with a setting file
    • major version
    • minor version
    • patch version


  • yangpao dose not need any requirements.


release page

  1. get an executable
    • binary download
      • Get a newest binary for your os/arch from release page.
      • Rename it to yangpao.
      • Put your yangpao into a directory within your $PATH.
    • go get
      • go get
  2. generate a setting file
    • Change the directory to your project root
    • Run yangpao -g



Edit your .yangpao.toml

Current = "2.1.3"

  # matches like "2.1.3" in
  Path = ""
  Prefix = ""
  Postfix = ""

  # matches like "ver2.1.3" in release_tag
  Path = "release_tag"
  Prefix = "ver"
  Postfix = ""

  # matches like "ver 2.1.3" in version.txt
  Path = "assets/version.txt"
  Prefix = "ver "
  Postfix = ""

  # matches like "yangpao 2.1.3 version" in src/public/index.html
  Path = "src/public/index.html"
  Prefix = "yangpao "
  Postfix = " version"

  # matches like android:versionCode="20103" in AndroidManifest.xml
  Path = "AndroidManifest.xml"
  Prefix = "android:versionCode=\""
  Postfix = "\""
  IsNumber = true


If "IsNumber" field is true, its "Files" settings are matches and bumps with sequential version number which corresponds to major * 10000 + minor * 100 + patch.


# shows current version and checks consistency

# shows current version only
yangpao --current
yangpao -c

# generates setting file on current directory
yangpao --generate
yangpao -g

# bumps patch version number
yangpao --patch
yangpao -p

# bumps minor version number
yangpao --minor
yangpao -m

# bumps major version number
# short option is not provided to prevent operational erros
# because this operation means the version upgrade includes incompatible changes
yangpao --major