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== This is YGO Classic

Once upon a time, there was a little web application for managing your vehicle repairs.

It started out as a quick hack at Railsconf 2007, built on edge Rails (somewhere between 1.2 and 2.0)

As it grew up, it was ported to Rails 2.0, and later 2.1.

It sat there for quite a while, happily serving it's pages and managing it's vehicles.

== Then came Rails 3

This happy little app was long overdue for a makeover.  So, the man behind the curtain at Alloy Code decided to bring things up to date.

Rather than perform a direct upgrade of this vintage codebase, he set it aside and started a new Rails 3 project, and brought over the functionality, piece by piece.

Once that was done, and the new YGO application was up and running with Rails 3, Ruby 1.9.2, RVM and Bundler, the question of what to do with the older codebase.

== So here you stand!

This app *should* run as expected on Rails 2.1 and Ruby 1.8.6.  It comes from a time before config.gem, so there may be a bit of guesswork to get all the dependencies in place.

There are some older constructs in here, things you won't see in a modern Rails app (who else remembers remote_form_for?) but it should stand well as one example of Alloy Code's development process.

Best Regards,
Jared Haworth, Alloy Code
May 2011
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