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#### Configure Strategy
The Twitter authentication strategy authenticates users using a Twitter account
-and OAuth tokens. The strategy requires a `verify` callback, which accepts these
-credentials and calls `done` providing a user, as well as `options` specifying a
-consumer key, consumer secret, and callback URL. Obtain the consumer key and
-consumer secret by [creating a Twitter application.](
+and OAuth tokens. The strategy requires a `verify` callback, which receives the
+access token and corresponding secret as arguments, as well as `profile` which
+contains the authenticated user's Twitter profile. The `verify` callback must
+call `done` providing a user to complete authentication.
+In order to identify your application to Twitter, specify the consumer key,
+consumer secret, and callback URL within `options`. The consumer key and secret
+are obtained by [creating an application]( at
+Twitter's [developer]( site.
passport.use(new TwitterStrategy({
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