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An experimental runtime for unison code, written in rust, compiled to wasm for use in the browser.


  • download the release binary
  • run serve
  • go to http://localhost:8080, view the different namespaces that you've got, click on terms to "watch" them (including the ability to provide arguments to functions, as long as they're "primitives")
  • run unison somewhere
  • grab the web example (if you want to) pull .example
  • browse to and click on it
  • see that it's interactive!
  • cd example and edit counter - in the scratch file, change "Hello unison" to something else
  • save the scratch file, run update in unison, and see that the watcher auto-updates in your browser!

ability abilities.a_01 where getInt : Int abilities.f_01 = handle (abilities.a_01.getInt) with cases { a } -> (a, 2) { abilities.a_01.getInt -> k } -> handle (k +5) with cases { a } -> (a, 3) abilities.t_01 = abilities.f_01 == (+5, 3)

(define stack '())

(define (throw-effect k effect) (let ((handler (car stack))) (set! stack (cdr stack)) (handler (cons 'effect (cons k effect))) ) )

(define (rethrow eff) (let ((k (cadr eff)) (ef (cddr eff))) (throw-effect k eff)))

(define (add-handler handler) (set! stack (cons handler stack)))

(define (getInt) (call/cc (lambda (k) (throw-effect k (list 'getInt)))))

(define (handle inner handler) (handler (call/cc (lambda (k) (add-handler k) ; TODO we'll have to pop at some point? (list 'pure (inner)) ))) )

(define f_01 (handle (lambda () (getInt)) (lambda (eff) (match eff [('pure a) (list a 2)] [('effect k 'getInt) (handle (lambda () (k 5)) (lambda (eff) (display eff) (match eff [('pure a) (list a 3)] [_ (rethrow eff)] ) ) ) ] [_ (rethrow eff)] ) ) ) )