Cheap Arduino-based 2-wheel robot
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A supercheap Arduino-based 2-wheel robot for robot workshop purposes. A collaboration by various Bristol Hackspace members. Designed by Richard Sewell.



Use the usual Arduino IDE:

If you have a Mac, you need drivers for the Arduino clones (CH340G) ->

You need this particular library for the stepper motors:

A common problem is that the micro USB cable you use to upload the code to the Arduino MUST be a data cable not just a power cable. If you do the steps below and don't find a serial port, that may be the issue.


  • clone the Shonkbot code from github
  • open shonkbot/shonkbot_detector/shonkbot_detector.ino in the Arduino IDE
  • download the AccelStepper library (zip) and import the library into the IDE
  • select "arduino nano" for your board in the IDE
  • plug the Arduino into the computer using a mini USB data cable
  • locate the serial port. If you're using the Arduino clones we gave you, on a Mac you'll need to download drivers. Windows and Linux may just work; On some versions of Windows you may have to explicitly allow the system to install the drivers.
  • open shonkbot_detector/shonkbot_detector.ino in the IDE
  • upload changes to the code to the board using the IDE