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An USB hardware random number generator (draft)
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usbrng is a low-cost easy-to-build usb stick generating a truly random bit stream. With the included Linux kernel module you can use usbrng to seed your kernel's random number generator.


To build the kernel module you need the linux kernel headers, normally you should be able to find them in a package called "linux-headers" or alike. To build the firmware you need the avr-libc and avr-gcc/binutils-avr. To upload the firmware to the device you need avrdude. The board layout and schematics were done using gEDA.


This repository uses git submodules, so in order to build it you first have update them:

<3 git submodule init
<3 git submodule update

After that, just type make in the top-level directory or one of the subdirectories and the thing should build.

To flash the firmware do make flash.


  • We still need a nice name for the project. "usbrng" somehow sounds crappy.
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