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License file in gem #2443

voxik opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Vít Ondruch Michael Ficarra Sam Stephenson Jeremy Ashkenas
Vít Ondruch


Would you mind to include License file in the coffee-script-source gem? I am packaging this gem for Fedora and the packaging guidelines [1] requires me to ask you. Thank you.


Jeremy Ashkenas jashkenas was assigned
Michael Ficarra

If I'm not mistaken, that gem hasn't been updated in a long time. Also, the license is available in the /License file. It should be MIT.

Sam Stephenson

We push a new coffee-script-source gem with every official CoffeeScript release.

The gem itself does not include the license file, but the bundled coffee-script.js does include this header:

 * CoffeeScript Compiler v1.3.3
 * Copyright 2011, Jeremy Ashkenas
 * Released under the MIT License
Michael Ficarra

Oh, interesting. What exactly does that gem provide?

Sam Stephenson

coffee-script-source is extras/coffee-script.js packaged in a gem, with the same version number as the CoffeeScript release it packages, for use by the ruby-coffee-script gem.

ruby-coffee-script is released under the MIT license and lets you invoke the CoffeeScript compiler from Ruby.

@jashkenas has the final say on this, but IMO the coffee-script-source gem should be considered to have the same license as CoffeeScript itself.

Jeremy Ashkenas

Works for me.

Vít Ondruch

There is no doubt about license. Just the independent LICENSE file should be included in the source package as required by the guidelines. But that is not showstopper, so nothing urgent.

Jeremy Ashkenas jashkenas closed this
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