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Standards compliant approach to allowing _.extend to copy ES5 Getters/Setters #986

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Looked through the approaches in the past and saw they were not standards compliant.

Uses Object.defineProperty() and Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor() which are at least partially supported back to IE8.


Partial support on IE8 is deceptive. It supports them for DOM nodes only, which is basically useless.


Is there a list of supported browsers anywhere I should be looking at?

I could always put a check in to see if those methods are supported and then use that otherwise use the old approach.


This would also introduce an inconsistency in the behaviour of _.extend in different browsers, which is exactly the opposite of underscore's goal of implementing a functional library that can be used in a browser-agnostic way.


The checks would add an inconsistency?

What browsers are supported?

It delegates to built-in functions, if present, so modern browsers will use the native implementations of forEach, map, reduce, filter, every, some and indexOf.

I don't really see how this is any different then delegating to the built in functions that underscore is already using.

I have pushed a version with checks.


I think I know where the disconnect is. You probably think getters/setters either exist or don't. In some JS implementations, getters/setters exist, but there's no support for defining/describing them. So when encountering an object with getters/setters in one of these interpreters, you will have observable differences from the behaviour of the same object in an engine that supports defining/describing these properties. Does that make sense?

@jashkenas jashkenas closed this

This is still relevant, though.

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Showing with 23 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +13 −0 test/objects.js
  2. +10 −2 underscore.js
13 test/objects.js
@@ -60,6 +60,19 @@ $(document).ready(function() {
} catch(ex) {}
equal(result.a, 1, 'should not error on `null` or `undefined` sources');
+ var value = 'Test value';
+ result = _.extend({}, {
+ get test() {
+ return this._test;
+ },
+ set test (newValue) {
+ equal(newValue, value, 'ES5 Setter was called with the correct arguments');
+ this._test = newValue;
+ }
+ });
+ result.test = value;
+ equal(result.test, value, 'ES5 Getter was copied over successfully');
test("pick", function() {
12 underscore.js
@@ -41,7 +41,9 @@
nativeLastIndexOf = ArrayProto.lastIndexOf,
nativeIsArray = Array.isArray,
nativeKeys = Object.keys,
- nativeBind = FuncProto.bind;
+ nativeBind = FuncProto.bind,
+ nativeDefine = Object.defineProperty,
+ nativeDescriptor = Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor;
// Create a safe reference to the Underscore object for use below.
var _ = function(obj) {
@@ -777,9 +779,15 @@
// Extend a given object with all the properties in passed-in object(s).
_.extend = function(obj) {
each(, 1), function(source) {
+ var supported = ((nativeDefine && Object.defineProperty === nativeDefine) &&
+ (nativeDescriptor && Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor === nativeDescriptor));
if (source) {
for (var prop in source) {
- obj[prop] = source[prop];
+ if (supported) {
+ nativeDefine(obj, prop, nativeDescriptor(source, prop));
+ } else {
+ obj[prop] = source[prop];
+ }
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