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* Avoid setTimeout in Node, because we don't need the overhead there.
* Still call setTimeout in browsers to prevent the tab from being killed.
* Use queueMicrotask in Safari, because it's dramatically faster than
  MessageChannel there.
* Continue to use MessageChannel in other supported browsers becuase it's
  somewhat faster than queueMicrotask there.
* Don't use setImmediate any more because there's a faster alternative in
  all supported envs.

In jasmine-core's own test suite, this yields a roughly 50-70% speedup
in Node, ~20% in Edge, and 75-90%(!) in Safari.

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A JavaScript Testing Framework

Jasmine is a Behavior Driven Development testing framework for JavaScript. It does not rely on browsers, DOM, or any JavaScript framework. Thus it's suited for websites, Node.js projects, or anywhere that JavaScript can run.

Upgrading from Jasmine 3.x? Check out the upgrade guide.


Please read the contributors' guide.


There are several different ways to install Jasmine, depending on your environment and how you'd like to use it. See the Getting Started page for details.


See the documentation site, particularly the Your First Suite tutorial for information on writing specs, and the FAQ.

Supported environments

Jasmine tests itself across popular browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge) as well as Node.

Environment Supported versions
Node 12.17+, 14, 16, 18
Safari 14-15
Chrome Evergreen
Firefox Evergreen, 91
Edge Evergreen

For evergreen browsers, each version of Jasmine is tested against the version of the browser that is available to us at the time of release. Other browsers, as well as older & newer versions of some supported browsers, are likely to work. However, Jasmine isn't tested against them and they aren't actively supported.

To find out what environments work with a particular Jasmine release, see the release notes.


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Copyright (c) 2008-2022 Jasmine Maintainers. This software is licensed under the MIT License.