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Jasmine Core 3.9 Release Notes

New features and bug fixes

  • Fixed Trusted Types error in j$.isError_ in Chromium-based browsers

  • Better reporting of unhandled promise rejections with truthy but non-Error reasons on Node

  • Env#execute returns a promise in environments that support promises

  • Renamed failFast and oneFailurePerSpec config props to stopOnSpecFailure and stopSpecOnExpectationFailure

    The new names are more self-explanatory and consistent with jasmine-npm. The old names are deprecated but will still work until the next major release.

  • Split boot.js into two files to allow the env to be configured in between

    This is mainly intended to support jasmine-browser-runner, which will load a script that configures the env in between the two boot files (boot0.js and boot1.js). The single-file boot.js will still be included until the next major release.

Ruby deprecation

The Jasmine Ruby gems are deprecated. There will be no further releases after the end of the Jasmine 3.x series. We recommend that most users migrate to the jasmine-browser-runner npm package, which is the direct replacement for the jasmine gem.

If jasmine-browser-runner doesn't meet your needs, one of these might:

  • The jasmine npm package to run specs in Node.js.
  • The standalone distribution to run specs in browsers with no additional tools.
  • The jasmine-core npm package if all you need is the Jasmine assets. This is the direct equivalent of the jasmine-core Ruby gem.

Documentation updates

  • Added API docs for Suite#id and Spec#id
  • Marked Env#hideDisabled deprecated in jsdocs

Supported environments

jasmine-core 3.9.0 has been tested in the following environments.

Environment Supported versions
Node 10, 12, 14, 16
Safari 8-14
Chrome 92
Firefox 91, 78, 68
Edge 92
Internet Explorer 10, 11

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