Feature request: Add ability to run just one test by prefixing it with a letter #601

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In a similar way to how music software has both a mute and a solo button for each track of a recording, it'd be nice if Jasmine had a 'solo' equivalent to each of its xit and xdescribe methods. So e.g. a single (or multiple) calls of zit() will mean all calls of it() are ignored and only zit() calls will run

driv commented Jun 4, 2014

Isn't this already working with iit() and ddescribe()?

If it is that's brilliant, but it needs documenting

@driv doesn't work for me in version 2. Worked in earlier versions though...

@slackersoft slackersoft referenced this issue in jasmine/jasmine-npm Sep 20, 2014


Focus individual describe or it block #3


slackersoft commented Sep 25, 2014

We've merged an implementation of fit and fdescribe in this commit ba0982d.

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