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AWS Lambda Layer for Hugo from
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AWS Lambda Layer for Hugo from

It is intended to be functional in all runtimes. It has been tested in go1.x and python3.8 so far.

Building the Layer

  1. Make certain you have the lambci/lambda:build-go1.x Docker image needed to build the layer.

    $ docker images
    REPOSITORY                 TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
    lambci/lambda              build-go1.x         051f7de811cf        11 days ago         2.2GB
    1. If you do not have the images, just pull them with a docker pull command.
  2. Confirm the build directory is clean.

    $ ls -1
  3. Then execute the docker lambci/lambda:build-go1.x image to run the build script.

    docker run --rm -it -v `pwd`:/tmp/repo --entrypoint /bin/bash lambci/lambda:build-go1.x /tmp/repo/

Deploy the Layer

Once the layer zip file is created, you can deploy it to your AWS account with the following command:

aws lambda publish-layer-version --layer-name "hugo-VERSION" --description "Hugo VERSION for All Runtimes" --license-info "Apache 2.0" --zip-file "fileb://"
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